Week 04: E-health startups bridging health gaps through mobile

Health demands in Africa are growing rapidly due to the continent’s rapidly expanding population, of which according to United Nations Population Division is expected to double to 2 billion by 2050. A new generation of African entrepreneurs recognise the need to develop novel technological solutions although faced with a lack of support for early-stage entrepreneurs. „Kenyan startups specialising in e-health […]

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Week 03: Reviving the economy, How South Africans use Bitcoin, Smart Cities

A brighter economic outlook: After a turbulent 2017, South Africa’s outlook for 2018 seems bright.  The year started with Cyril Ramaphosa vowing to revive the struggling economy. The Rand hit the key support level of R12.25 on Tuesday in response to his speeches. Ramaphosa hopes to increase the global investment outlook and economic growth for the country. With more than […]

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Week 03: Tackling fake news, Bridging the gaps with the supply chain in the pharmaceutical industry, Kenya’s first commuter train to sell tickets through SMS

Kenya’s entrepreneurs working in conviction to produce the country’s next generation of tech billionaires entrepreneurs has envisioned a diverse and multi-stakeholder investment in its communications technology; its connection to the rest of the world and the domestic market that motivates innovation and creativity. Kenya’s fastest growth in mobile hit the global trends between 2007-2010  with the success of mobile Innovations like Mpesa, a mobile […]

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